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**”New MAJOR Winner”**

**Sky Power Solutions Corp. (OTC): SPOW**

**Hot Trade Alert: Put SPOW on top of your watch list right now!**

NEXT MAJOR WINNER Investors and Traders, we are experiencing intense volatility and wild swings in this market. Today the market surged higher, dove lower, and still managed to close in the green.

As we draw closer to the end of the trading year, it seems likely the market will close firmly in the green. Speaking of closing in the green, have we got a beauty for you.

Please direct your attention to Sky Power Solutions Corp., Ticker: SPOW Website:

Pull up the following chart immediately: **Attention! About Face! The Major is speaking!**

Since the Major is always studying charts and looking closely at multiple times frames, experience speaks volumes. When tracking subpennies such as this baby, said course of action is prudent and necessary. Our troops are the beneficiary of my years of experience studying charts and battle plans. You will see why I love this chart.

Going back to the beginning of this wild chart, we witnessed a pullback underneath the short term moving averages. These indicators showed an inherent weakness in the stock. Fortunately for shareholders, a rally started and lifted the stock 350% from $.002 to .0075. This parabolic move led to a selloff. However, a higher low was formed during this pullback. Since then, the stock made another parabolic run and hit new highs. Just last week it came close to trading to a penny! That would be a 500% move off the original low base. Since the last retracement, the stock has settled right at a based formed by the 20 and 50 day MA’s with the short term 10 day Moving Average proving a catalyst off these levels. For these reasons, we are looking at a bounce and a measured move off the base.

Who says lightning never strikes twice We are looking for a 3rd time here, as history repeats itself yet again. With a solid bounce off the newly formed higher low, we may yet see another bounce to that penny level. This would be a nearly 100% move off the current level. That my troops, is a first class move on a solid chart.

As per the norm, remember tight stops but give the stock room to breathe. This little train appears to make several stops. However, with such an established trading history, there appears to be strong support at current levels.

**Why are investors speculating on SPOW**

SPOW engages in the development of standalone residential solar concentrating electric power generation systems for homeowners. It is also developing lithium ion rechargeable batteries for power production. Sky Power Solutions exhibits power, safety, and environmental concern at a level above anything else.

SPOW has jumped to the forefront in pioneering and producing Cathode Material for the use in Lithium Ion Rechargeable batteries. Li-ion Motors has successfully moved Sky Power Solutions’ nano and sub-micron materials from laboratory to industrial scale. Their chemical structure is hexagonal in nature and can accommodate more Lithium and more energy. The elements and specialty transition metals have been selected specifically to make Sky Power Solutions’ cathode materials safe, environmentally friendly and less expensive.

SPOW advancements have moved beyond the laboratory. Sky Power Solutions is bringing state-of-the-art power solutions to everyone. SPOW is focusing its resources and efforts on the development and marketing of lithium-powered vehicles, products, and commercial and residential properties. Everything from scooters, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars and homes are being converted successfully to zero-emission, lithium-powered vehicles and facilities.

SPOW announced its recent progression into the development of an extremely efficient photovoltaic solar power generation unit. Continuous action and expansion on the breakthroughs of environmentally friendly and extremely efficient power storage and now power generation technologies lead Sky Power into a new branch of the clean power realm.

**This chart is screaming higher. What is moving the stock**

SPOW has finalized an Agreement for R&D and distributing license in Canada. Sky Power confirms the distribution license will be for the territory of Canada where federal and provincial governments have implemented generous Initiatives. According to ClearSky Advisors, Inc. it is estimated that the private sector investment of solar PV in the province of Ontario in 2011 is $2BB dollars. The electricity generation by one solar concentrator is enough to power a home and sell the excess to the grid for revenue back to the owner. The proprietary solar concentrator demonstrates a major increase in efficiency and will generate electricity even with up to 70% cloud coverage and therefore it is a favored device to be deployed in Canada.

SPOW has begun short listing component manufacturers and detailing its retail distribution strategy in preparation for mass production. According to the company, various component manufacturers who have contributed so far to the development of pre-production units will have an advantage over new providers; the company will announce the short listed component manufacturers in September, with final selection by year end. The solar concentrator will also be distributed by retailers, whereby large renovation centers and/or club type retailers would be ideal for clients to obtain our product along with a network of pre-authorized installers and service professionals.

SPOW is presenting a final report documenting all the experimental procedures, results, critical analyses of results and recommendation for future work will be prepared jointly by Li-ion Motors and participants.

SPOW has traded over 45 Million shares just in the last 2 trading sessions alone. The stock averaged about 3.5M shares per 2 trading days for the last 3 months. If the volume increased 1000% than usual, then we are going to follow the money which seems to be “in the know.” **Fun Facts about Energy from the sun**

The sun has produced energy for billions of years. Solar energy can be defined as energy stored within the sun’s rays (solar radiation) that reach the Earth. This solar energy can be converted into heat and electricity, which have practical use for us.

Radiant energy from the sun has powered life on Earth for many millions of years. As early as the 1830s, British astronomer John Herschel used a solar thermal collector box to cook food during an expedition to Africa. Today, we are still developing ways to harness the energy from the sun.

Solar energy can be converted to electricity in two ways:

• Photovoltaic (PV devices) or “solar cells” change sunlight directly into electricity. Individual PV cells are grouped into panels and arrays of panels that can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from single small cells that charge calculator and watch batteries, to systems that power single homes, to large power plants covering many acres.

• Solar Thermal/Electric Power Plants generate electricity by concentrating solar energy to heat a fluid and produce steam that is used to power a generator. In 2009, there were 13 solar thermal-power generating units operating in the United States, 11 in California, 1 in Arizona, and 1 in Nevada.

The main benefits of solar energy are:

• Solar energy systems do not produce air pollutants or carbon-dioxide.

• When located on buildings, they have minimal impact on the environment.

Two limitations of solar energy are:

• The amount of sunlight that arrives at the Earth`s surface is not constant. It varies depending on location, time of day, time of year, and weather conditions.

• Because the sun doesn`t deliver a consistent energy to any specific place at any given time, a large surface area is required to collect the energy at a useful rate.

**Several Reasons to Consider SPOW now!**

SPOW chart is showing that shares of Sun Power are experiencing a sequence of higher lows immediately followed by higher highs. We are coming off one of the periods of higher lows, and this bodes well for the pattern to continue. If it does, SPOW shares should march closer to a penny, and the Major will be triumphant in victory yet again.

SPOW is trading at a market cap of just over $2.5MM Dollars. Some of the Major’s faithful infantry have portfolios larger than that. This gives us some ammunition for the stock price to rise in accordance with the momentum.

SPOW has signed its first distribution license which will be the first revenues for the company. If Canada sees value in this company, then the troops can certainly see a quick return.

Where it goes from here – stay tuned until tomorrow`s update.

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