New Gold Stock Suggestion- Astur Gold (TSXV- AST & OTC- ATRGF)

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New Gold Stock Suggestion: Astur Gold Corp. (TSXV: AST & OTC: ATRGF) In case you missed last night`s alert, please read this immediately, we expect the news to be out directly from the company within the next few hours. Keep an eye out for it, you can use this link:

[1] From our original alert late last night… staff is very familiar with this story since we actually planned on profiling this company this weekend! With shares halted on expected news, we ran Google searches for Astur Gold for the last 24 hours under the news category and 1 story popped up in Spain. Google thank God translated it to English, the title, Environmental report favorable to the gold mine of Asturias. The important part is the proposed gold mine has been approved. The news has not been released yet by Astur at the time of this writing, however we would expect them to release this soon before the market opens as the TSXV has very strict guidelines on releasing important news updates. Their home exchange has strict rules about getting news out.

The good news for us is that technically it`s already out, which is why we are alerting our members now about this exciting story!!! Why we think it could double… They have 2 million ounces of gold, but let`s be conservative and say they have 1 million ounces. According to research done by Canaccord, $67 per ounce of gold is the average value companies are seeing for a solid deposit. If Astur Gold received that valuation, that puts their share price at $1.91, with it currently trading for $0.72. The headwind, besides the market has been the permit approval, well as of today and soon to be announced to the world, the permit has been approved! In our opinion the upside is enormous.

The details for this company are as follows!!! Company: Astur Gold Corp.

Symbol: TSXV: AST & OTC: ATRGF PPS: $0.72 Website: Rating: Highest Confidence [2] Today we are pleased to present a gold company that has a project that is one of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Western Europe. We believe that this will be a company that delivers huge returns for gold investors.

Astur Gold Corp. (AST) has been as high as $2.30 and has consistently traded over $1.00 over the past 2 years. At its current price of $0.72, we believe our members will be getting exposure to AST at a very strategic and exciting point in the life of this great company. Currently there is approximately 35 million shares outstanding which is relatively low in the junior mining sector. This is a VERY GOOD THING and something to take note of! Salave Gold Project The deposits that we eluded to earlier are in Northern Spain in the province of Asturias. AST is developing its 100% owned interest in Salave Gold Project.

Salave is one of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Western Europe.

AST is looking at an estimation of about 2,000,000 ounces of gold at the Salave location! When we talked with the CEO of Astur Gold, he specifically stated that the Salave Gold Project is shovel ready with just permits waiting for approval.

Salave was once the largest gold mine in the Roman Empire. AST is actively pursuing to bring Salave into production as soon as possible. In the following illustration you can see some very exciting estimated projections for AST`s NPV and IRR. Both significant in corporate finance and projecting a company`s success.

Key Management Figure We were fortunate to actually meet the CEO of AST at the San Francisco Hard Assets Show this year and conduct an interview with him that our members will be emailed. Cary Pinkowski has had over 20 years of experience in mining, mining finance, and natural resource industries. Previously he founded Entree Gold and helped acquire the Lookout Hill property which became one of the largest copper-gold developments in the world. It`s important that our members look at companies that have management with a successful track record and we believe AST has just that.

AST`s Joint Venture In addition to AST`s flagship project, they also have a joint venture agreement with Silver Swan, where Silver Swan will expend $3,000,000 on exploration for an 80% interest in the project. These type of relationships create win-win scenarios for companies and AST will benefit from the results of a successful joint venture.

Highlights For Astur Gold -One of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Western Europe -Robust economics shown at only $1,100 gold prices -Trading below $15 EV/oz- undervalued compared to its peers -Potential for further resource growth -Management is focused on bringing Salave into production ASAP With news being released and trading commencing, we strongly urge our readers to take advantage of this opportunity and research more of AST at [3]

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