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Donald Trump, Jr. Talks Mobile Apps and MCVE`s Innovative B2B Apps, B2C Apps, Mobile Payments on Fox Business News MacroSolve Inc (MCVE) received yet another thrust into the mainstream when Donald Trump, Jr. spoke on Fox Business News in firm defense of MCVE`s recent publicized lawsuits against the likes of Facebook, AT&T, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotels and a number of others. In addition, Trump, Jr spoke about the level of innovation and technologically advanced development methods and procedures currently used by the company to build apps for the B2B and B2C industries.

Donald Trump Jr made it clear that his appearance on Fox Business News was not a paid promotion scenario, and stated that he and his associates currently have money invested in MCVE. He went on to talk about how strongly he felt about the company`s right to protect its patented technologies, in reference to questions about the recent lawsuits.

Trump Jr`s appearance came as the company was announcing the growth of its direct sales team, and the establishment of a direct sales presence in New York City, Atlanta, Tulsa, Dallas and Houston! MCVE, through Illume Mobile, also holds distribution agreements with vertical and horizontal channel partners including Industry Analysts, a national provider of services for the office equipment industry; Source Data Corporation, a global provider of IT services for integration and implementation; RockSauce Studios a leading designer of mobile services; and Tabbed Out, a foremost provider of mobile payment services. Rounding out the portfolio are the strategic national relationships with Donald Trump Jr., EVP of Trump Enterprises and Click Here, the digital marketing division of The Richards Group Advertising agency, the largest independent branding agency in the nation! This powerful and unique distribution will allow businesses access to all of Illume Mobile`s patented mobile app products. Illume Mobile provides custom mobile solutions, and specializes in three specific segments: Sales (SaleSentral), Restaurants (DineSentral), and Personal Safety (GuardianSentral)..

SaleSentral takes sales information and presentations mobile by developing a customer interface for uploading and managing content, creating a sales toolkit to use anytime, anywhere. DineSentral makes it easy to promote a restaurant`s brand, maximize sales and connect with customers by utilizing rich graphical content, social media, customer loyalty, customer feedback, and integration with third party applications. GuardianSentral is an easy-to-use smartphone application used in tandem with your current campus security offering — Emergency Phones, Campus Police, etc. — to provide real-time GPS tracking of individuals who feel in danger.

“Businesses of all sizes recognize the need for a mobile strategy,” Steve Signoff, CEO of Illume Mobile, states, “but businesses are also savvy and know that having a mobile app means more than just checking a box on a communication method. They look for the ROI on their app investment. This evolution is what we have named, Mobile App 2.0.” He adds, “Our product lines focus on helping with revenue growth, employee productivity, customer experience and individual personal safety experience.” In an article by The Boston Globe, Mr. Signoff commented on the growing use of mobile apps in the restaurant industry, stating, “Apps actually extend beyond where traditional media can go because they become part of the customer experience.” MacroSolve MacroSolve Inc (MCVE), doing business as Illume Mobile, is an industry pioneer in delivering mobile apps, technologies, and solutions. Leveraging its intellectual property portfolio, MacroSolve enforces its landmark patent while providing mobile app products and services under the name Illume Mobile. MacroSolve is well on its way to becoming an established leader in the mobile app development services space, a market that is projected to grow into a $100 billion market in 2015 according to Research2Guidance.

MCVE is a company with serious and realistic plans and an active process by which to execute and profit from those plans both in the immediate term and the long-term view. Right now, MCVE is trading at a price range we consider to be incredibly undervalued, which could represent an opportunity to take up a position in a growth company holding a well-founded position in an industry on the verge of exploding. It`s good to be MCVE right now! The bottom line is that opportunities like MCVE don`t present themselves just every day, so at the very least, you should keep MCVE on your radar throughout the day and potentially the week, and watch for any spike in activity, volume, price etc. We hope you have a wonderful day, and we`ll see you at the opening bell! Best wishes and highest regards as always, Your friends at PremiumStockPicks DISCLAIMER & RISK DISCLOSURE: Day trading is an extremely risky undertaking.. Day trading generally is not appropriate for someone with limited capital, little or no trading experience, and/or low risk tolerance. Never execute a trade unless you can afford, and are prepared to, lose your entire investment. Do not fund your day-trading activities with retirement savings, student loans, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or home ownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses. Day trading requires knowledge of a firm`s operations. Before using any trading platform or software, you should be familiar with the securities firm`s business practices, including the operation of the firm`s order execution systems and procedures. Information provided in our newsletters, emails and on our web properties is for educational purposes only. We are not, and do not represent ourselves to be offering or recommending any securities to be bought or sold. We are not brokers or financial advisors of any kind, nor are we licensed as financial professionals of any kind in any jurisdiction. Any and all information on our web properties and/or in our emails and/or newsletters is provided on an informational basis only, and must be tempered by the investment experience and independent decision making process(es) of the subscriber. All trading operations involve serious risks, and you can and will likely lose your entire investment. We have been compensated up to sixty thousand dollars for a one-day awareness campaign. Always perform your own due diligence and make informed decisions with the help of a licensed financial professional. We makes no guarantees as to our accuracy, the profitability of our picks, or any other guarantees of any kind.

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