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Our New Pick Is PBGC! Good Evening! We are extremely excited to announce our new trading opportunity – PBGC – Premier Beverage Group Corp.

What would you do if you had the chance to invest in Red Bull, Monster Energy, or 5 Hour Energy on the ground floor Would you be interested I`m willing to bet you would.

Well here you go: start your research immediately on Premier Beverage Group (Symbol: PBGC). The Company develops, markets and distributes “functional beverages” through its two wholly owned subsidiaries, OSO Beverages Corp. and Captive Brands. Functional beverages include energy drinks, energy shots, and vitamin enhanced waters.

PBGC`s flagship brand is OSO, a premium energy beverage. While energy drinks have exploded in mass retail environments; until now, no one has created a stand-out product that matches the high end surroundings of elite clubs and on-premise accounts. Nor has anyone created an energy drink that is made entirely of 100% natural ingredients. Check out the beautifully designed line-up of OSO beverages at [1] OSO is designed to stand out from the crowded energy drink market by providing a premium experience: from taste, to look, to 100% natural ingredients. There is nothing like it out there. We love the concept and in our opinion PBGC is the Louis Vuitton of the premium energy market and is expanding as we speak.

This sector has been explosive. We have seen Hansen Natural with their natural sodas grow from a tiny penny play to almost $100 a share. What you might not know is Hansen is arguably the most successful penny company of all time. Total gains in HANS share price from high to low is an incredible 436,750%. Jones Soda ran from a quarter to $28: a cool 112,000% gain. And Vitamin Water was bought out by Coca Cola for more than $4 billion a few years ago.

Sales in the energy shot and energy drink market are soaring as massive firms like Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Monster (NASDAQ: MNST), Reeds, Inc. (NASDAQ:

REED), Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), and PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) all compete for a piece of a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar pie estimated by a recent CNBC report will reach $19 billion by the end of 2013.

The PBGC share price has recently been on the move as the company has released good news and investors are becoming more aware of what is happening.

Here is the PBGC chart going back one month:

Moving nice and steadily upwards on low volume. Can you say low float Also, the 10-Day EMA (Exponential Moving Average), the 20-day EMA and the MACD, all important technical indicators, are very bullish for PBGC. Nice.

With a small amount of activity and its tiny float, PBGC has seen solid price increases these last few weeks. As it begins to hit traders` radars, momentum is sure to send PBGC moving when traders take control.

PBGC could be poised for a huge breakout very soon. Exposure is the key element for companies like PBGC, operating in an already attractive industry with proven growth potential. Momentum is gaining as more investors turn their attention to PBGC. Volume is on the rise and PBGC seems primed for a rally.

This is why we think you need to move quickly and look at PBGC as soon as possible as immediate events — particularly momentum — could send it soaring in the near term! Happy Trading! Robert Davis NITROX STOCKS IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER:

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References 1.

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