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SENY – Our Current Feature February 15, 2012 [1] see our latest track record now.

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The buzz around SENY will start to gain momentum as investors become aware of this unique Company.

Free Electricity! The Rooftop Revolution Has Finally Started For Real Sauer Energys Radical Patent-Protected Wind Turbine Looks Set To Create A Vast New Market Tens of thousands of YouTube viewers have already seen how easy it is to get a Sauer Wind- Charger from a distributor then never pay for electricity again! OUTRAGEOUS YES! And, wait until you see what Sauer Energy profits could do for its low-priced shares and early adopters Sauer Energy (SENY) Its BREAKTHROUGH is set to create a massive $60 Billion domestic market sector with the potential to generate near term stock market gains of 600%… with a predicted jump to 1,550% in 2012 Reach For The Stratosphere! SENYs genius led management team includes superstars who worked with NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing Small U.S. Company Generates Huge Buzz Across The GlobeNOW Its Taking Orders For A New Product That Will Revolutionize The Energy Industry Fortunately, its not too late to claim your fair share of what looks poised to be a super-charged stock market success! If you have ever looked wistfully at a stock chart and wondered who got in for the whole 1000% to 2000% run up… then I must demand your complete attention right now.

You see, today, you have the rare opportunity to be one of those people someone who found a visionary man and rode his dream into what could be the stock markets stratosphere.

The visionary is Dieter Sauer. As it is with many of the people who change the world, Dieters story began, quite literally, in his garage workshop. There, his dream to help people cut their energy bills to the bone took shapethen became a realitynow his company, Sauer Energy looks poised to become a global powerhouse.

In fact, the company is rushing past its milestones at such a rapid pace that Dieter updated Sauers successes in a recent letter to its thousands of small, Main Street shareholders.

Dieter wrote that, The demand for our product has exceeded every expectation Since January 2011, we have received over 130,000 visits to our website from 163 different countries and the average viewing time has been around 41/2 minutes long.

So, out of the 196 countries in the World, our technology has penetrated 163 of them.

Word is spreading exponentially fast about our patented technology and all of us here at Sauer Energy feel that we are about to experience monumental growth as we move into production We have received tens of thousands of requests for our turbines and hundreds of requests for distributorship territoriesWe are planning to take sales orders within the next two months. We firmly believe that a nationwide distribution network is the best and most efficient way to service our end users.

Our evolution to this point has been a shared development by all team members with the ultimate goal of how best to serve our customers and create the maximum amount of jobs over all parts of the U.S.

Just imagine if you had received such a reassuring letter such a brilliantly positive letter.

It is not too late to own a piece of Sauer Energy (SENY) now because even as its shares have begun to reflect its successes, Sauer Energy is still at an ultra-attractive price.

So, please read on meet Dieter Sauer and his brilliant team at Sauer Energy and I am sure you will be as convinced as I am that Sauer Energy (SENY) is truly one of those rare once in- a-blue-moon opportunity the creation of THE EXXON OF WIND POWER! $60 billion high-profit virgin energy marketSauer Power! Sauer Energy (SENY) brings free direct-use power to homeowners.

DEMAND IS NOW SKY-HIGHSauer Energy manufactures and sells the first wind turbine for homeowners that pays for itself in 24 months or lessTHEN ELECTRICITY IS FREE! Unique in all the worldsimple to operatelittle or no competition and its profits could turn your stake in SENY into one of your best stock market successes ever.

Some of the worlds biggest corporations were born in garages across America.

In fact, think about this truth everything starts as nothing every business has a humble beginning.

So it was with companies as diverse as Apple, Amazon, Disney, Harley Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Google, Lotus Cars, Maglite, Mattel and the Yankee Candle Company. These global leaders didnt start by trying to create an Amazon.

com, Harley Davidson, or Mattel. They started by simply creating an online bookstore, an American-made motorcycle, and childrens games. And, by the time you have finished reading these pagesyou should be convinced that Sauer Energy (SENY) is set to work its way onto the list of garage born corporate titans.

This is why you must establish a position in SENY now. From Dieter Sauers WorkbenchTo Rooftops A Virgin Global Market Emerges In a moment, youll meet the man behind SENY, his name is Dieter Sauer. But, so youll have a sense of Dieters game-changing technology, allow me a moment to set the stage for you. As you know, wind-power is the fastest-growing energy sector. Across the globe, hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring into wind farms built by companies like GE and Siemens. Only trouble is, those farms should really be called dinosaur farms.

You see, those massive multimillion- dollar windmills do produce power, and wind is obviously cleaner than fossil fuels. But those creaking-hulk, oldstyle wind farms are also wickedly noisy and obtrusive. They even have to be throttled way back or shut down at night so their human neighbors can catch some Sauer Energy and the Coming Wind-Power Revolution 9 reasons why SENY could give early investors a 600% profit by March 1, 2012. Heres what you should know 1 Sauer Energy is no longer a development company it is moving into revenues. Judging by the tens of thousands of requests for turbines and hundreds of requests for distributorship territoriesSENY is planning to take sales orders within the next two months. It firmly believes that a nationwide distribution network is the best and most efficient way to service consumers.

2 Sauer Energy is creating American jobs as Dieter Sauer says now that SENY is manufacturing its breakthrough WindCharger turbine, the ultimate goal of how best to serve our customers and create the maximum amount of jobs over all parts of the U.S.

3 WHY ALL THE BUZZ Sauers technology changes everything and reinvents the wind wheel. After hundreds of years, the windmill concept is finally on the way OUT. CEO, Dieter Sauers breakthrough technology captures wind from 360.

No more turning to face the wind, no more towering eyesores, no more gears and complicated mechanisms.

4 Sauers WindCharger greatly reduces the price of home wind-powered generators. (According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Catching the Breeze at Your Door.) After government incentives and tax credits, the net cost to consumer of a 1.5 kW unit can be about $1,100 or more. Instead of taking 10 years to pay for itself, the WindCharger usually needs under 24 months.

5 YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone is rooting for SENYthousands of Main Street investors already own SENY shares because they know the WindCharger makes perfect sense. So do SENY shares at under $1.

6 From a consumer viewpoint and a salespersons too Sauers new technology is cheaper and more cost- effective than solar. Its easier and cheaper to install…needs only a few square feet, while solar would likely need your entire roof…and a Wind-Charger can be easily dismantled if you decide to move.

7 Sauers turbines are made from strong, lightweight composite materials instead of metal. Thus the WindCharger creates more power with less windcan produce the same energy at 200 revolutions per minute as a windmill that would have to turn at 900 rpm.

8 DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY, Sauers new 25 kW turbines will turn wind farms into dinosaur farms. Those old-style towering turbines are noisy and cost millions of dollars apiece. People who live nearby usually hate them, and often insist that turbines be curtailed at night to let them sleep. Utility companies are already being sued. In contrast, Sauers planned 25 kW turbines are low to the ground, can be placed anywhere, and are as quiet as an idling car. Old-style turbines are facing obsolescence.

Sauers turbines are made from strong, lightweight composite materials instead of metal. Thus the WindCharger creates more power with less windcan produce the same energy at 200 revolutions per minute as a windmill that would have to turn at 900 rpm.

9With ten of thousands of potential orders in the pipeline, Sauer Energy is a potential gold mine. Each turbine/generator unit will retail for $7,500, before federal government, state and city incentives and rebates. The sheer volume of projected sales is the kind of profit that pushed Googles market cap to almost $200 billion.

Sauer Energy (SENY): #1 in Wind Energy s Virgin Market Worse, wind farms may be clean energy, but they dont save consumers a single penny. Thats because the wind farms are owned by giant, profit-hungry utilities corporationsthe ones with huge war chests with which they lobby politicians for tax breaks and rate hikes.

Freedom From Parasitic Power Companies Is Now A Reality Anyway, the backlash has already begun. A spate of lawsuits against huge corporate wind farms has begun. See the front-page story in the Oct. 6 New York Times. And, this is exactly why Dieter Sauers young pioneering company, Sauer Energy (SENY), attracted thousands of Main Street investors when it came public in summer of 2010 It is why more than 100,000 people from 168 countries across the globe have rushed to SENYs website And why tens of tens of thousands of people have watched a YouTube video about how easy it is to install Sauers devilishly simple device that will allow people to generate their own FREE ELECTRICITY.

This is why you should visit [4]www.sauerenergy.com as well, because This is the ultimate alternative energy game changerYou see, right now, at this very moment, Sauer Energy has gone into production with a new kind of wind turbineone you can easily install on your roofone that makes energy history Why Sauers WindCharger is a bargain! What the utility companies never tell you, and how Sauer Energys breakthrough technology could turn wind farms into dinosaur farms. On the surface, it all sounds so great.

Clean energy is being captured from the wind, as giant towers with their 123 foot blades silently generate the electricity that would otherwise have come from filthy, polluting power plants.

Whats not to like T. Boone Pickens and his Wall Street buddies certainly like them, and their billion dollar investments have made this the worlds fastest growing energy sector.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, T. Boone, but youve got some problems.

FIRST, those giant blades (over 250 feet across!) arent quiet. The New York Times just ran a frontpage story, For Those Near, the Miserable Hum of Clean Energy, that tells the REAL story. It turns out those colossal wind towers are actually noisy, and drive near-by residents nuts. In fact, theyre increasingly being curtailed at night to let people sleep. Lawsuits and complaints are now soaring, as people complain of noise, vibrations and lost property values.

SECOND, wind towers are just another way for utility companies to create power and snatch up various tax breaks and other incentivesthe prime motivation for Big Money. Unfortunately, this doesnt save the individual power consumer a single dime. His electricity comes from the same source and the fact that its cleaner is nice but, other than that, his benefit is ZERO.

THIRD, Sauer Energys radical wind-driven generator offers the first low-cost, practical way for consumers to create their own personal electricitycutting out the power companies, and their various ways in creating electricity.

(Including wind farms.) Suddenly, power companies could be playing a subsidiary role. Think what this means: Until Dieter Sauer came along, every-one assumed that wind-powered energy had to come from giant windmillseven for a home, the windmill had to tower high into the air. Trouble is, these windmills are expensive, noisy, unsightly, mechanically complicated and need constant maintenance.

But Dieter reinvented the wheel, and threw out the windmill concept. Now a wind-generator can be small and unobtrusive, silent, inexpensive, mechanically simple and can be placed anywhereeven in a residential neighborhood. It can also pay for itself in under a couple of years, after which electricity is FREE! And how about starting your own power company, with one or more of Sauer Energys upcoming 25 kW generators You could have your own quiet wind farm, sell power to your neighbors, and live off the proceeds.

CONFIDENTIAL TIP FOR T. BOONE PICKENS: Quick, save your assets! Buy up Sauer Energy before its too late.

Sorry, copycats, youre too late! Youve already missed the boat. Sauers technology and design features now have full patent protection for North America. Foreign patent applications have now been submitted.

Design Patent USD5970285 (Issued) Based upon the concave and convex vertical axis design.

Utility Patent US7798766B2 (Issued) For the overall function and application to convert wind into energy.

Use of aerodynamic effects converting wind into power.

Design Patent USD638358S (Issued) Based upon multiple blades,air disrupters on the drag side of each blade, strakes on the inside of the blade to direct air through the ram-jet ports, among other features.

For the plug and play application for assembly.

With massive pent-up desire for SENYs WindChargeryou can just imagine the tremendous implications for the company and its shareholders alike should Dieter and his team fill but a portion of the pending orders.

How Sauer Energy could practically mint money at a 15,000-unit production rate.

There are 70 million homes in the U.S./Canadawith about 15% of them having sufficient wind to support a wind-generator. (very conservative.) 15 million houses.

There an estimated 8 million other locations that could benefit from wind-power. (Schools, hospitals, ships, military outposts and locations around the world, farms, mining and construction facilities, apartments, etc.) Sauers 1.5 kW WindCharger will sell retail for about $7,500, but government credits, subsidies and incentives can offer huge discounts.

Production starts in early 2011, and Dieter is planning is planning a few thousand units to iron out the bugs…establish distribution channels…etc.

Year Two: Suppose he ramped up production to 15,000 units. That would bring revenue up over $70 million. After that, we wouldnt even try to project future revenue but consider these facts:

Sauer will dominate the home market with its fully patented technology…WindChargers genius is based on its simplicity (few parts to make, inexpensive to manufacture)…and how many people can turn down something that pays for itself in about 24 months or less and is guaranteed for 10 years Then theres the global market, with the potential for perhaps 100 million units. And what about Dieter Sauers new discoveries now under development One thing is for sure, Dieter Sauer will never go looking for gold below ground. Hes already found itin the air! PUT SENY ON YOUR TRADING RADAR TODAY AND START YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!! Stay Tuned for more…

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