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Dear Reader, The secret is out! Gold is a hot commodity and an even hotter investment among everyone from day traders to Wall Street gurus as investors flock to the shiny metal.

Thankfully, the vast and varied market for gold mining stocks continues to conceal some remarkably under-rated opportunities, my next Alert is ALASKA PACIFIC ENERGY (ASKE.PK) last seen @ $0.015 Access To Proven Reserves Is what could Drive ASKE ASKE plans to build a comprehensive minerals portfolio with emphasis placed on high grade projects in geographical areas known for production as a start up junior minor.

This could be an excellent opportunity for investors to attain information about ASKE gold exploration claims, located in one of the most prolific and historic gold producing areas in British Columbia, Canada. The presence of gold in the region that is now British Columbia is mentioned in old legends that, in part, led to its discovery.

According to the company`s website ASKE Gold claims are located in an area steeped in rich history of gold exploration, discovery and production dating back to 1828. The area has not been fully explored and with improving gold prices, interest in this area has increased significantly.

The company`s gold claims are located just 7 miles from a historic mining area that produced approximately 4.15 million ounces of gold, over 40 years of production.

A `start-up` has to begin somewhere, and now is as good a time as any as ASKE takes aim at one of the best areas in the world to mine Gold.

Is now the time for a cheaply priced Gold start up Buying gold mining shares is widely seen as a way of gaining exposure to movements in the gold price.

This is because gold mining shares are valued on the basis of their anticipated or potential profits through the life of the mine, which depend on the reserves, and on the relationship between gold mining production costs and the anticipated value of the gold extracted.

Look! The price of gold and other precious metals are breaking records. Its only natural to believe investors are making plenty of profits in stocks connected to their exploration and production …..ASKE is one for the watchlist…

Suppose a gold mine has 1,000,000 ounces underground and the above ground value is $1,000 per ounce. If the production cost is $800 per ounce the mine will make $200 milion over its life. But if the gold price rises by 20% to $1,200 the mine will make $400 million overall. This demonstrates a `gearing` effect of 4 times – i.e. for a rise in bullion of 20% the share will rise by the 20% plus another 4 times 20%, i.e. 100% (all other things being equal, which they rarely are).

Throughout the entire stock markets, the long-term price of any individual stock is ultimately driven by its underlying company`s profitability. The more any company earns, the higher its stock price will eventually be bid to reflect those profits. And for gold miners, the lofty price of gold is directly responsible for the lion`s share of their profitability.

Over the past year, gold has outperformed. With dozens of possible stocks to trade in the gold sector, you could just blindly throw a dart and see if you might net a positive return.

Meanwhile, with a large and committed fan base Gold stabilizes and continues to hit the headlines as markets recover.. With that in mind, time will tell if ASKE will glitter.

There is nothing more exciting than making money in the stock market especially when it happens fast.

I`m not trying to wave some shiny object at you but with a stock price under a nickle a share a rally in ASKE shares could deliver substantial gains. So keep an eye out for developments.

Remember, one of the most important things to consider when you buy stocks is to consider a hot sector. Put ASKE on your Watchlist It pays to check these stocks out. Don`t be shy to investigate & scrutinize. That`s what makes us better investors. This is not to say that you will need to research for eight hours a day for a winning trade. It is quite the opposite actually. A few moments of effort and a good newsletter like this one could be all you need.

Additional information concerning ASKE can be found on the company`s website at www.alaskapacificenergy.com and http://finance.yahoo.com/qs=aske&ql=1 For the latest on ASKE you can go to:


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