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Xtremepicks.com Facebook | Xtremepicks.com Twitter | Xtremepicks.com RRS Feed | Xtremepicks.com HALL OF FAME! DROP – 50,000% LBSR – 4,500% HLNT – 1,400% VCTY – 1,500% GTA.V – Gold starting to shine again, bodes well for our Canadian feature.

Gold is getting it luster back as prices are making a move that can break the narrow trading level to push into record highs and GTA will benefit big time with their already announced “bonanza gold” grade results and much more to come.

Market Update:

Gold – $1,774/oz DJIA – 12052.23 +32.20 Nasdaq – 2638.90 +12.70 AERO – $0.053 +39.47% – In breakout mode as we are on high news alert! With $2,000/oz in sight, breaking this level can trigger a monster bullish Gold rally and the only way for mega gains is investing in underlying gold mining company -GTA has the goods to get it done.

Alf Field Sees Gold Going to $4,500 – Here’s Why “…once this present correction in gold has been completed it should undergo the largest and strongest wave in the entire gold bull market. The target for this wave should be around $4,500 with only two 13% corrections on the way.”http://srv.ezinedirector.net/n54995&s7667683 Recent sampling returned results as high as 798.82 g/t gold! Expect GTA to release another set of drilling results confirming the presence of significant gold reserves.

GTA Resources is right in the middle of this new Gold Rush and tapping into the billion dollars of potential bottom line $$s.

Recent sampling returned results ranging from 1.10 g/t to 798.82 g/t gold! Over 78% of samples collected returned values greater than 10.0 g/ton gold Over half returned values greater than 25.0 g/t gold With results like these you bet that they are becoming a major player and expect these big companies to take notice. Many of the larger Gold companies are always looking for acquisitions to add to their total reserve base, and GTA may possibility be on the top of their acquisition.

We definitely knew there was something brewing with GTA.v from our original alert at $0.17 holding solid to 40%+ gains and on the cusp of a monster breakout when additional sample results are unleashed.

With recent sampling it shows that we were again right on the money and heading for huge gains.

ABOUT GTA RESOURCES GTA Resources is Canadian resource exploration company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as GTA. GTA’s strengths are its large property in Northern Ontario near Highway 11, its successful and experienced management team and board of directors, and its disciplined approach to efficiently stewarding the shareholders’ capital.

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