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OTCPicks.com Stocks to Watch for Wednesday, September 14th MWIP, SGCP, CLKZ, FXPT, SLTD, RNTL Our Stocks to Watch tomorrow include MediSwipe Inc. (OTCBB: MWIP), Sierra Gold Corp. (OTC: SGCP), Clicker Inc. (OTC: CLKZ), Fox Petroleum Inc. (OTC:

FXPT), Solar3D Inc. (OTCBB: SLTD) and Rockwood National Corp. (OTC: RNTL)..

Visit http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L1&F=T to register for our Stocks to Watch Newsletter and Email Stock Watch Alerts.MEDISWIPE INCORPORATED (OTCBB: MWIP) “Up 102.33% on Tuesday” Detailed Quote:

http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L38&F=T MediSwipe Inc. offers a full spectrum of secure and reliable transaction processing and security solutions for the medical and healthcare industries, using traditional, Internet Point-of-Sale (POS), e-commerce and mobile (wireless) payment solutions. The Company now also offers digitized personal health records in conjunction with Industry Alliance Partners.

MediSwipe offers reliable merchant payment solutions and closed loop pre-paid stored value and loyalty cards as a unique cash alternative to these regulated and e-commerce businesses specializing within the healthcare sector.MWIP News:September 13 – MediSwipe Inc. and Subsidiary 800 Commerce Announce New Merchant Agreements Exceeding $8,000,000 in Monthly Processing VolumeMediSwipe Inc. (OTCBB: MWIP), a merchant payment solutions and financial products company for the medical health care industry and its wholly owned subsidiary 800 Commerce Inc. (www.800Commerce.com) a leading enabler and turnkey ecommerce solution provider including mobile payment solutions, announced new merchant services agreements for September exceeding eight million ($8,000,000) dollars in monthly gross processing volume. The new merchant processing agreements include wellness centers, e-commerce and high risk merchant accounts. Under the newly signed agreements, MediSwipe and 800 Commerce will provide merchant services, gift/ loyalty cards and personal digitized healthcare records to the new merchant network. The Company will also update shareholders on the exact filing date of the 800 Commerce Spin-off and dividend share within the next few days.”We are extremely pleased with the performance of our agent network and organic growth as to new merchant accounts as a direct result of expanding our markets to all high risk markets beyond the medicinal sector. Revenues as a result of these new accounts each month will mark a progressive upward trend, where previously we have been unable to show meaningful revenues due to prior banking and agent agreements with most revenues taken after distribution to several entities, as well as being limited to the medicinal marijuana sector alone. Typically, profit margins now flowing to the Company will be anywhere from 1%-3% monthly on gross processing volume. We will continue to service and be a leading provider of financial services to the medicinal sector, while at the same time create increased shareholder value through our high risk banking relationships to all businesses that seek our services,” stated B. Michael Friedman, CEO of MediSwipe Inc.SIERRA GOLD CORPORATION (OTC: SGCP) “Up 71.43% on Tuesday” Detailed Quote:

http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L59&F=T Sierra Gold is engaged in the exploration and development of gold and diamond properties in West Africa. The Birimian greenstone belt of West Africa has had a long history of gold mining and prospecting. The region has been one of the fastest growing gold producing areas worldwide. SGCP News:September 13 – Sierra Gold Corporation Announces Assay Results Sierra Gold Corporation (OTC: SGCP) has received the assay results from SGS Labs in Lakefield, Ontario from its Yele properties. The Yele properties are on a feeder river to the Pampana, which is well known as one of Sierra Leone`s prolific gold producers. These results along with ongoing exploration on the Pampana River will assist the company in its acquisition of further properties and its deployment of its dredges for the upcoming mining season.Please visit our website for more detailed information on all our operations from the current field report.CLICKER INCORPORATED (OTCBB: CLKZ) “Up 76.00% on Tuesday” Detailed Quote:

http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L3&F=T A Web Publisher and Brand Builder focused on developing stand-alone Consumer Brands that incorporate Social Networking and Reward Properties that leverage content, commerce and advertising for the next generation global Internet user, Clicker, Inc. provides solutions for client companies as well as for brands it both owns and/or operates.CLKZ News:April 6 – New Clicker, Inc. CEO Provides Overview Since Taking Office Less Than 30 Days Ago Lloyd Lapidus Hits Ground Running, Wastes No Time Honoring Historical Commitments and Securing New PropertiesWith less than 30 days under his leadership of Clicker, Inc. (“Clicker” or the “Company”) (OTC: CLKZ) CEO Lloyd Lapidus has wasted no time in honoring historical commitments to shareholders to revive legacy properties and secure exciting new properties for the Internet brand-building firm focused on developing stand-alone consumer and social networking brands.”When I was appointed CEO of the Company I pledged that we would first and foremost honor historical commitments to restore legacy properties and then be very aggressive in obtaining exciting properties with the potential to gain widespread audiences and generate revenue,” said Lapidus. “In less than a month we re-launched or established new properties in four popular online categories: financial services, sports, entertainment/gossip and urban hip hop.”Lapidus made good on his promise to bring back what he believes to be one of the Company`s most valuable properties.”Perhaps the most exciting, recent accomplishment of the past month was the re-launch of www.wallst.net,” said Lapidus. “We believe this is a valuable property with the capability to attract a large audience and one that our shareholders were anxious to see back online. This free site aggregates from the most trusted sources on the web, the latest financial news as well as social media elements. It features multiple ad spaces spread throughout the site as potential revenue sources and allows users to get online stock quotes.”Additionally, Lapidus brought www.sportsgulp.net off the Clicker shelf with the recent re-launch of this Company-owned property. This free to the user site, in the well recognized online sports category, blends social networking with a gossip channel for sports enthusiasts. Plans call for the property to pull conventional sports feeds while allowing users a more interactive social networking component. This, according to Lapidus, has the potential to make the sports community more interactive with each other by incorporating social networking tools.Lapidus also made good on his pledge to be aggressive in securing properties by acquiring www.celebritymagazineonline.com. Built on the latest WordPress 3.0 platform the site aims to be a cutting edge celebrity gossip site.Making its first splash in the urban market Clicker acquired www.dahoodbuzz.com which aggregates from the most trusted sources on the web, the latest Hip Hop and Urban news. This site has an automated content updating engine integrated into the site to ensure that users will always have the most up to date content.Lapidus said all four of the Company`s sites have multiple ad spaces spread through each representing potential for generating revenue for the Company.He stressed that the Company will continue to aggressively seek to develop unique properties either organically or through acquisition.”Obviously we are in a remarkable space,” said Lapidus. “The Internet and social media have grown beyond the dreams of most and we`re not just going to ride the crest of that wave but establish Clicker as an innovative company in that space.”FOX PETROLEUM INCORPORATED (OTC: FXPT) “Up 20.97% on Tuesday” Detailed Quote:

http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L73&F=T Fox Petroleum Inc. is focused on acquiring, developing and operating plastic recycling operations throughout North America. The company is currently expanding its Oil and Natural gas portfolios. With a focus on plastic waste compounds and the aggregating of plastic scrap products for manufacturers, Fox Petroleum`s goal is to become an important partner for leading recycling companies who need proficient services. The company expects its Canadian subsidiary which will become carbon neutral will process up to 30 million pounds of post industrial and post consumer scrap plastics per year with revenues approaching five million dollars per year at these processing levels. Fox Petroleum is aggressively seeking additional acquisition targets in the plastics recycling market place to increase its processing capacity and the company is currently speaking to Fortune 500 companies in the automotive and beverage industries to process plastic waste streams and fulfill circular recycling streams.FXPT News:September 12 – Fox Petroleum to Acquire Renfro Energy LLC and Cameron Parish Pipelines LLCOil Assets Located in the Heart of the Johnson Bayou, LouisianaFox Petroleum Inc. (OTC: FXPT) announced that it is acquiring Renfro Energy LLC and Cameron Parish Pipelines LLC.Renfro Energy LLC is a Dallas, Texas based limited liability company formed in March 2002 as an asset holding company to house existing oil and gas assets located in Texas, Oklahoma and for acquisitions identified in Louisiana. Since 1995, Renfro Energy LLC and its predecessor company have bought and sold over $6 million of oil and gas properties through approximately fifteen acquisitions.Renfro Energy LLC and Cameron Parish Pipelines LLC assets are located in the heart of the Johnson Bayou, Louisiana. The Cameron Parish School Board Lease has cumulatively produced over six million barrels of oil since the 1930s.Terms of the deal are expected in the upcoming days.SOLAR3D INCORPORATED (OTCBB: SLTD) “Up 33.33% on Tuesday” Detailed Quote:

http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L21&F=T Solar3D, Inc. is developing a breakthrough 3-dimensional solar cell technology to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Up to 30% of incident sunlight is currently reflected off the surface of conventional solar cells, and more is lost inside the solar cell materials.

Inspired by light management techniques used in fiber optic devices, our innovative solar cell technology utilizes a 3-dimensional design to trap sunlight inside micro-photovoltaic structures where photons bounce around until they are converted into electrons. This next generation solar cell will be dramatically more efficient, resulting in a lower cost per watt that will make solar power affordable for the world. SLTD News:September 12 – Solar3D Successfully Completes Design of Breakthrough 3-Dimensional Solar CellFabrication of Super-Efficient Solar Cell Prototype BeginsSolar3D, Inc. (OTCBB: SLTD), the developer of a breakthrough 3-dimensional solar cell technology to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity, announced that it has successfully completed the design of the prototype for its new, super-efficient solar cell.On track to complete a working prototype near the end of 2011, Solar3D set a number of milestones announced in May, including the completion of each design element—including the optical element and the 3-dimensional photovoltaic structure—and adjustment of the design for mass manufacturing. Each milestone has been consistently met in a timely way.“The completion of our prototype design is a key milestone toward bringing our next generation solar cell to market. It is taken our team a year of intensive research, development, and simulation. When complete, the production of this solar cell will transform the industry and the way consumers think about solar power and its applications,” said Jim Nelson, CEO of Solar3D.Inspired by light management techniques used in fiber optic devices, the company’s innovative solar cell technology utilizes a 3-dimensional design to trap sunlight inside micro-photovoltaic structures where photons bounce around until they are converted into electrons. Solar3D’s management believes that this breakthrough solar cell design will dramatically change the economics of solar energy, since the efficiency of the new solar cell will be substantially higher than the currently available solar technology“Our objective is to make solar power affordable and available to the world. The development our new solar cell technology will allow the solar industry to generate power on an economically competitive basis in addition to its other advantages over traditionally-sourced power,” continued Nelson. “Our manufacturing-oriented engineers are creating a product that is not only much more efficient but relatively inexpensive to produce in mass quantities.”“By substantially increasing efficiency and retaining a low production cost, we will be able to contribute significantly to the industry’s pursuit of the SunShot initiative laid out by Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu, to bring the cost of solar electricity to grid parity.”ROCKWOOD NATIONAL CORPORATION (OTC: RNTL) “Up 32.00% on Tuesday” Detailed Quote:

http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L33&F=T Rockwood is a diversified, national real estate services company focused on the primary components in the industry. By pursuing a strategy of providing complete default loss mitigation (REO & Short Sale), real estate brokerage, full mortgage origination and title service capabilities, Rockwood`s goal is to quickly capture market share in each sector and become the preferred “one-stop” provider of choice. At the end of the current distressed asset lifecycle, Rockwood anticipates having built an unmatched national real estate and mortgage distribution channel for continued production, and be in superior position to offer portfolio retention services to financial institutions across the country. By monetizing the activities of its core components through internal operations as well as the referral and revenue sharing with its strategic partners, Rockwood views the development of this professional network as a valuable asset to drive earnings while simultaneously creating continued growth opportunities. It is these same preferred partners that ultimately will become the next acquisition candidates as Rockwood continues to grow its nationwide distribution network.RNTL News:April 7 – Rockwood Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Priority One Management Services, Inc.Rockwood National Corp. (OTC: RNTL) (“Rockwood”) announced that it has signed a definitive binding letter of intent with Priority One Management Services, Inc. (“Priority One”), a comprehensive accounting service providing payroll, A/P and A/R for loss mitigation law firms nationwide, to acquire 100% ownership of Priority One. In exchange for the 100% ownership interest in Priority One, Rockwood will issue capital stock pro rata to the shareholders of Priority One tied to a performance earn out based on net profitability over the next 2 years. The total value of the transaction is estimated to be US$1,000,000. Due diligence is in the final stages and the acquisition is anticipated to close within the next 30 days.Each firm in the nationwide attorney network base of Gulfstream Processing Services, Inc., recently acquired by Rockwood (Newswire, March 24, 2011), is contractually obligated to use the services of Priority One. Commenting on the executed agreement, Gary A. Fioretti, Chief Executive Officer of Rockwood, stated: “Priority One is an ideal ancillary acquisition that, by default, will continue to grow as Gulfstream expands its attorney network..

With recurring revenue streams driven by the total number of loss mitigation clients handled by Gulfstream, Priority One is a pure cash generator with virtually no associated marketing expense.”Mr. Fioretti further commented, “Priority One provides its services to law firms across the country that specifically represents consumers in loss mitigation, real estate short sales and debt elimination. These very same law firms typically become clients of J&M Marketing, presently under definitive acquisition agreement by Rockwood (Newswire, March 31, 2011), and ultimately generate new opportunities for Gulfstream and our real estate brokerage system.”OTCPicks.com is located at 3533 Twin Lakes Drive, Prosper, TX 75078, Telephone: (972) 546-3740, Email: Publisher@OTCPicks.com.This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it..DO NOT BASE ANY INVESTMENT DECISION UPON ANY MATERIALS FOUND ON THIS REPORT. We are not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or with any state securities regulatory authority. We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. OTCPicks.com makes no recommendation that the purchase of securities of companies profiled in this web site is suitable or advisable for any person or that an investment such securities will be profitable. In general, given the nature of the companies profiled and the lack of an active trading market for their securities, investing in such securities is highly speculative and carries a high degree of risk. You are receiving this email because you have registered on OTCPicks.com or one of our affiliate companies. The information contained in our report should be viewed as commercial advertisement and is not intended to be investment advice. The report is not provided to any particular individual with a view toward their individual circumstances. The information contained in our report is not an offer to buy or sell securities. We distribute opinions, comments and information free of charge exclusively to individuals who wish to receive them. Our newsletter and website have been prepared for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used as a complete source of information on any particular company. An individual should never invest in the securities of any company profiled based solely on information contained in our reports. Individuals should assume that all information contained in the report about profiled companies is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Any individual who chooses to invest in any securities should do so with caution. Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the money that is invested. Always research your own investments and consult with a registered investment advisor or licensed stock broker before investing. Information contained in our report will contain “forward looking statements” as defined under Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Subscribers are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon these forward-looking statements. These forward looking statements are subject to a number of known and unknown risks and uncertainties outside of our control that could cause actual operations or results to differ materially from those anticipated. Factors that could affect performance include, but are not limited to, those factors that are discussed in each profiled company`s most recent reports or registration statements filed with the SEC. You should consider these factors in evaluating the forward looking statements included in the report and not place undue reliance upon such statements.

We are committed to providing factual information on the companies that are profiled. However, we do not provide any assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, including information regarding a profiled company`s plans or ability to effect any planned or proposed actions. We have no first-hand knowledge of any profiled company`s operations and therefore cannot comment on their capabilities, intent, resources, nor experience and we make no attempt to do so. Statistical information, dollar amounts, and market size data was provided by the subject company and related public information sources which we believe to be reliable but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. To the fullest extent of the law, we will not be liable to any person or entity for the quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, or timeliness of the information provided in the report, or for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages that may arise out of the use of information we provide to any person or entity (including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of opportunities, trading losses, and damages that may result from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of this information). We encourage you to invest carefully and read investment information available at the websites of the SEC at http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L=7&F=T and FINRA at http://otcpicknews.com/emailmarketer/link.phpM940&N02&L=8&F=T. Disclosure: OTCPicks.com has not been compensated by any of the companies covered in this release.

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