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JUNE 24, 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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HOTM ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


PRE-OPEN STOCK WATCH *************

S&P futures vs fair value: +1.40. Nasdaq futures vs fair value: -6.30.

Stock futures have ticked higher following a couple of solid pieces of data.

First quarter GDP was revised upward to reflect growth of 1.9%.

The consensus among economists surveyed by had called for GDP data to continue to reflect growth of 1.8%. Durable goods orders for May jumped 1.9%, which is greater than the 1.5% increase that had been widely anticipated.

Todays big news is that U.S. regulators rejected Thursday a tamper-resistant painkiller from Pfizer(PFE _ ) and Pain Therapeutics(PTIE _ ), said U.S. Food and Drug Administration spokesperson Shelly Burgess Thursday night.

The Pfizer-Pain Therapeutics drug, Remoxy, is a long-acting opioid consisting of the narcotic oxycodone mixed with ingredients aimed at making it resistant to abuse and misuse.

SEE – ACURDRRX – Alerts below as they rise on speculation that now they are moving to forefront after rejection of both PFE and PTIE.



HOTM – CURRENTLY $0.44 BURBANK, CA–(Marketwire – 06/23/11) – HotCloud Mobile, Inc.

(OTC.BB:HOTM – News ), a vertically integrated wireless telecommunications company that operates three business units — products, services, and content — stated today that it has executed a strategic marketing agreement with NexBoom (TM) to promote 4D mobile app technology and bring co-branded apps to up to 100 million social media users.

HotCloud will use its distribution network and historic customer base to promote and market NexBoom`s tablet computer and provide a patented suite of co-branded mobile applications including a mobile platform to offer premium content.

HotCloud will also provide NexBoom with a customized mobile product insurance policy to offer its customers.

NexBoom will distribute and market HotCloud`s apps where appropriate to its network of up to 100M social media end users, and work with HotCloud to promote NexBoom`s tablet computer and technology.


ACUR – BACK ON THE MOVE ACUR – BREAKING $4.40 PRE-OPEN Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company, engages in the research, development, and manufacture of pharmaceutical product candidates utilizing its proprietary Aversion Technology, Impede Technology, and other technologies.

Its Aversion Technology is a proprietary platform technology providing abuse deterrent features and benefits to orally administered pharmaceutical drug products containing abusable active ingredients, such as tranquillizers, stimulants, sedatives, decongestants, and various other opioid analgesics.


DRRX – ACTIVITY WATCH DRRX – BREAKING $3 DURECT Corporation focuses on the development of pharmaceutical products for pain, central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases based on its proprietary drug formulations and delivery platform technologies.

Its products include Remoxy, an oxycodone gelatin capsule for chronic pain, which is accepted as a new drug application…



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