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Exclusive Report on UnionTown Energy Inc. (UTOG): How Investing In This Up-and-Coming Montana Oil Play Could Yield Huge Profits! “If the HEATH turns out to be a mini Bakken, UTOG is going through the roof..” Investors still have a chance to get in early on the 2011 BLACK GOLD RUSH.

Recent Price Dips Create Buying Opportunities UTOG is trending strongly upwards on a long-term basis, but short selling has been driving the price down intraday. These price dips are creating good entry opportunities for savvy investors.

Long-term buyers can use the dips to add to their positions. Scalpers can use them as entry points for short-term trades.

We anticipate the long-term uptrend will continue as long as UTOG keeps acquiring new properties and increasing its oil reserve. Commencement of production in the near future is also expected to drive price higher.

UnionTown Energy Inc. (UTOG:OTCBB) Stock Price Projection Estimated Recoverable Reserves:

12.8 million barrels At a conservative spot price of $100 per barrel, the company`s valuation would be nearly $1.3 billion USD! $128,000,000,000 to be exact! With only 214,500,000 shares outstanding, UTOG has a base share projection of more than $5.90 per share! UnionTown Energy Inc. Announces New Miami Property Drill Program and Appoints Operator Apr 18, 2011 UnionTown Energy Inc. (UTOG) Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire 11,000+ Acre Teton River Oil and Gas Property in Northwest Montana Apr 13, 2011 UnionTown Energy Inc. (UTOG) Update to Shareholders Apr 11, 2011 UnionTown Energy Inc. (UTOG) Completes Acquisition of New Miami Oil Property Apr 08, 2011 UnionTown Energy Inc. Completes Acquisition of Musselshell Oil and Gas Property Apr 06, 2011 UnionTown Energy Advances Deposit on Third Oil and Gas Property Acquisition Apr 1, 2011 UnionTown Energy Concludes Terms of Definitive Agreement to Acquire the “New Miami” Oil and Gas Property in Northern Montana Mar 31, 2011 BREAKING NEWS New Combined Reserve Estimate of 12.8 million Barrels of Oil! UnionTown Energy has completed its 2nd property acquisition! This is GREAT news for the shareholders! The new property, known as the New Miami, is located in the Madison formation in northern Montana. It contains an estimated recoverable oil reserve of 2.4 million barrels.

Earlier this month, UnionTown completed its acquisition of the Musselshell property, which is located on the Heath shale formation in central Montana. Musselshell contains an estimated recoverable oil reserve of 10.4 million barrels! That`s 2 property acquisition completions in the space of 2 days for a combined estimated recoverable oil reserve of 12.8 million barrels! UnionTown is quickly establishing itself as an emerging powerhouse in America`s oil and gas shale fields. Make no mistake, it`s just getting started! The company has already advanced a down payment on a third property (read the news here) and it has stated that it has a pipeline of additional acquisitions in advanced stages of negotiations.

Stay tuned for more exciting acquisition news! What could the acquisitions of the Mussehshell and New Miami mean for UnionTown`s stock price Let`s do the math.

12.8 million barrels of recoverable reserves x $100 per barrel = $1.28 billion! UTOG has 215 million shares outstanding. $1.28 billion / 215 million… that`s well over $5.00! As part of the Musselshell acquisition agreement, the property lease owners negotiated an option to buy 10 million shares at $3.00 over the next 5 years! What does this tell you And that`s not all… UnionTown announced a private placement on March 23, 2011 for 1 million shares at $2.50 apiece. The Big Wigs who bought into the company must know a thing or two, and they`re expecting the share price to climb north of their entry price at the very least to give them a profit. We`re not the only ones who believe UTOG is currently way undervalued!!! UTOG – Oil Producer Status UnionTown is now moving aggressively to transition to an OIL PRODUCER. A workover crew has been deployed to Musselshell to prepare the property`s existing well for production. As many as 16 additional horizontal wells are planned for the 7,000-acre site! Drilling is scheduled to commence later this month! At the New Miami, prior vertical well drilling has already determined the New Miami sits atop a shallow oil accumulation. UnionTown believes the 1,480-acre the property can accommodate up to 17 shallow horizontal oil well drill zones.

This Rock Could Power the World! Why Shale Can Solve the Energy Crisis.

Awareness of the shale energy revolution is rising fast, but there`s still time for investors. Check out this Time Magazine cover article and learn the reasons everyone in the energy sector is talking about shale.

Dear Fellow Investor, Knowing the underlying reason for UnionTown Energy`s massive share increase could be your ticket to financial independence.

A new geological report has almost tripled the company’s previous estimated recoverable oil reserve at its 7,000-acre Musselshell Property in central Montana. The new estimate pegs the potential recoverable oil reserve at 10.4 million barrels.

This estimate was determined by an independent, third-party geologist and published in a report titled “Potential Reserves of the Heath and Amsden Formations in the Musselshell Prospect, Central Montana.” What are the Heath and Amsden formations you may be asking yourself. Savvy oil-and-gas investors will be familiar with the Bakken shale formation, which is believed to contain 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil and has turned North Dakota into an energy powerhouse.

However, few outside of the Montana oil patch are aware of the Heath or Amsden – much less the sudden spike in interest in these obscure Montana rock formations. The Heath, a stratified shale play located in a 300-mile east-west trough in a central part of the state, is of particular interest. That`s because Heath shale is similar to Bakken shale, but it`s found closer to the surface, it`s thicker and it contains more oil.

Indeed, the Billings Gazette, Montana`s largest daily newspaper, recently dubbed the Heath the “new mini-Bakken.” Geologists have long known that the Heath was bursting with oil. The problem was that economical methods were not available to extract it. But successful exploration work in other shale deposits in recent years has led to the development of new approaches combining horizontal wells with hydraulic fracturing. The result is that oil and gas are now gushing from resource-rich shale deposits across the United States – and it`s Montana`s turn to open the faucet! Quietly over the past few years, a dozen regional and major energy companies have leased acreage in the Heath. According to the Montana Board of Oil & Gas, 28 drilling permits have now been issued, and a handful of wells have or are being drilled.

With its March 17 announcement (read the news release here) that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Musselshell, UnionTown is now officially in the race to tap into the Heath and begin pumping oil.

10 Key Reasons to Invest in UTOG! We`ll tell you lots more about the Heath in a moment, but first there are 5 key facts you should consider:

An early positioned public company poised to capitalize on the shale oil and gas revolution.

Low-float stock Has recently acquired 2 shale oil properties in Montana, the Musselshell and the New Miami.

Combined estimated recoverable oil reserve of 12.8 million barrels.

Additional potential acquisitions in advanced stages of negotiation.

Do the math: 12.8 million barrels of recoverable reserves x $100 per barrel = $1.28 billion! UTOG has only 215 million shares outstanding. $1.28 billion / 215 million… that`s well over $5.00 As part of the Musselshell deal, the leaseholder negotiated the option to buy 10 million shares at $3.00 over the next 5 years! What does this tell you about where price is headed UnionTown announced a private placement on March 23, 2011 for 1 million shares at $2.50 apiece. Again, this tells us price is going up.

Incredible management. Darren Stevenson drove a billion dollars in business for Royal Dutch Shell before recently joining UnionTown as President and CEO.

The price of oil can only increase over the long term as demand rises, while the rate of discovery has flattened and political turmoil threatens existing supply from the major Middle East producers.

It took a global recession to tame the last raging bull market in oil.

But who doesn`t believe that the economy will once again kick into gear and drive worldwide oil demand through the roof And here`s the rub: oil production is not rising, yet the need for oil resources will climb substantially in the next economic growth cycle as the large developing nations like China and India ramp up their consumption.

Can you see the opportunity emerging Moreover, while there continues to be debate about when PEAK OIL will be reached here on Planet Earth, there`s no doubt that we`ll eventually get there. And given that we`ve been plateaued at about 74 mbpd for more than half a decade despite the incentive of record high prices, it appears increasingly likely that an oil supply crunch is coming.

Many in government believe this even though they don`t reveal their concerns publicly. Last year, for example, the British newspaper The Guardian reported that the US military had warned of oil surpluses drying up by 2012, followed by …

“a serious shortage by 2015 with a significant economic and political impact.” Investors will wake up before long. They always do. And then the run up in oil prices will turn into a headlong race to cash in.

For those who heed the signs and put a portion of their portfolio into oil investments, the payoff will be huge! We love this company! As John Paul Getty famously said, the formula for success is: “Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil.” For investors, buying shares in an undervalued penny stock and profiting when price rises on strong corporate news is the equivalent of striking oil.

And in our opinion, the 500% gains UTOG racked up in the past three months are just a taste of what is to come. Buy UTOG today, before WALL STREET and the broker community catch on to the company`s enormous potential.

When that happens, UTOG will explode in value, and you may never see these bargain prices again.

UTOG Is the One Oil Stock You Need to Own UnionTown Energy Acquires the Musselshell Oil & Gas Property UnionTown Energy is an early-stage Oil & Gas company focused on the acquisition, development and production of oil and natural gas properties. The company`s purchase of the 7,000-acre Musselshell property in central Montana marks the first in a planned series of purchases in highly prospective oil and gas fields.

Musselshell is situated on the Heath and Amsden formations. UnionTown Energy believes that the western half of the property, which is on the Heath formation, has the potential to support 16 horizontal drill sites with 2,000-foot horizontal legs. Seismic data on the eastern half of the property, which covers the Amsten formation, also shows exploration potential.

With the purchase of Musselshell, UTOG becomes a participant in an as-yet-unpublicized race to unlock the vast oil treasure trapped in the Heath formation. The veil of secrecy surrounding the Heath is about to be lifted. And when the news hits the street, your early investment in UTOG could turn out to be one of your best investment decisions ever.

Enough Oil to Make You Rich! The Heath Shale Formation Geologists have known for more than half a century that the Heath was bursting with oil and natural gas. These resources owe their existence to biological events that occurred some 320 million years ago, during the Mississippian period of the Paleozoic Era. At the time, tropical forests and swamps covered the region.

180 Billion Barrels of Oil According to the Montana Bureau of Mines, the Heath formation holds and in-place oil resource of up to 180 billion barrels of oil. That makes it the fourth largest oil shale deposit in the world! Oil exploration and development in the region up to now has been limited to use of vertical wells to locate and tap into conventional reservoirs of the black gold. Through this method, drillers have extracted about 100 million bbl of oil from the Heath-Tyler petroleum system.

But Heath oil is trapped in rock, so unconventional horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing methods are required. The Heath formation is about 200 feet thick throughout much of the prospective area. Within this layer of rock lies the drill target: a discrete 50-ft.-to-75-ft. thick interval of organic-rich, radioactive limestone.

In 1985, the Montana Bureau of Mines conducted a study of the Montana Trough and determined it contained more than 180 billion barrels of “oil in place.” This number boils down to 104,166 barrels of oil per acre in place, and UnionTown Energy estimates conservatively it can recover 25% of that amount using horizontal drilling reinforced by hydraulic fracturing.

The Amsden Formation Geologists believe that, like the Bakken and the Heath, the Amsden formation should also be a good target for horizontal well exploration and development. The Amsden was exposed to weathering throughout the Permian and Triassic and is believed to have well developed secondary porosity and permeability.

It`s boom time in the Bakken!!! Just check out these AMAZING GAINS by comparable companies… $34.20 $25.96 $30.44 $31.63 Many of the oil and gas companies operating in the Bakken are trading in the $30 range with some trading in the $60 and $70 dollar range, if not higher! See for yourself the potential UTOG has to make you a wealth investor (Keep in mind that oil sector stocks crashed hard in 2008 when the economy tanked, but these companies with operations in the Bakken have rebounded nicely) Brigham Exploration Co. (BEXP) Recent share price: $34.20 Brighten may be the hottest of the smaller oil companies working the Bakken Formation. It has developed a reputation for expertise in the use of 3D seismic technology to finding Bakken oil. Brigham`s stock has doubled its value over the past year.

Northern Oil & Gas (NOG) Recent share price: $25.96 Northern is another small oil company working the Bakken Formation. It has more than 30,000 acres under lease and a heavy drilling program in progress.. Market cap is $1.4 billion and revenue is $433 million. Northern`s stock price more than doubled over the past year.

Oasis Petroleum (OAS) Recent share price: $30.44 Oasis is an independent exploration and production company focused on the Bakken and Three Forks in the Williston Basin.

Enerplus Corporation (ERF) Recent share price: $31.63 Enerplus is one of Canada`s oldest and largest oil and gas producers.

Who is using the most oil The USA! Investing in companies that serve the nation`s energy needs makes good sense.

Management Is Key to the Success of Any Resource Company Meet the savvy UnionTown CEO who is intent on making you rich.

Darren Stevenson – President and CEO, UnionTown Energy, Inc.

Mr. Stevenson is a successful oil and gas business development leader, who has delivered significant gains in revenues, profits and market share for companies such as the Royal Dutch Shell PLC group of companies (RDS-B:NYSE) in the Hague, Netherlands. During his tenure at Shell Global Solutions International, he led a technology sales team that created more than $1 billion USD in new business and was a recipient of a Shell Rainmaker award.

Mr. Stevenson has worked in engineering and commercial capacities for companies such as Syncrude Canada, Shell Canada and the University of British Columbia Industry Liaison Office. He also has more than 15 years` experience spearheading successful business ventures throughout the global market place, and has raised in excess of $35 million for three oil and gas exploration companies he founded.

Opportunity is knocking … hesitation could cost you serious money! The upside potential of making a timely investment in UTOG could be stratospheric.

Watch what happens as UTOG out maneuverers the BIG OIL companies at their own game and nails a Heath formation gusher right before their eyes. This game is definitely on.

After years of disinterest in the region, a dozen regional and major energy companies have recently leased acreage in the Heath. Further, the Montana Board of Oil & Gas reports it has issued 28 drilling permits, and a handful of wells have or are being drilled.

First or last, it really doesn`t matter While every oil explorer wants the glory of making the BIG FIND, the reality is that good news from one company will be GREAT NEWS for all companies with land positions in the Heath. If the formation reveals itself to be a mini-Bakken (that`s what the Billings Gazette, Montana`s largest daily newspaper, calls it) investors are going to be falling all over themselves to buy shares. But this train will already have left the station.

That`s not a position you want to find yourself in. The time to load up on UTOG is now. Later, instead of potentially making a bad decision to buy a stock that has already peaked, you`ll be counting your money and looking forward to your next investment.

Opportunity goes to those who do their homework and take action at the right time.

For more information on UnionTown Energy, visit the company website at www.uniontownenergy.com.

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