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APDN News Released!!!! * [1]Applied DNA Sciences and Nissha Printing Co Ltd Unveil Collaboration(Click for news) APDN IS ON FIRE as the BREAKOUT continues closing UP OVER 50%!!!! Shall we continue…….. READ & REACT….

** Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. **

APDN.OB 65% Increase!!! A truly remarkable day for APDN shares as rose over 65% soon after the market opened.

This stock is demanding recognition from investors worldwide, regardless of their size! This company has the drive – the personnel and the patented technology to deem themselves a leader in its field.

To compensate for their operation expansions and world demand for such technology, APDN has expanded its sales team to include Vice Admiral Edward Straw. His duty is to grow business initiatives globally, while still protecting genuine supply chains. To see just how important Admiral Straws duties are, the Crystal Research Associates recently stated that over 600 million products to date have employed this DNA technology, and that number continues to grow! To further expand their operations on the worldwide stage in 2010, APDN has acquired over $1 Million and entered into an engagement with an investment bank to receive additional funding when necessary. Clearly, we are not the only ones who see APDNs untapped potential! Reflecting on APDNs previous alert, it looks like Zacks Equity Researchs 6 Month price target of $0.20 could happen sooner than thought! Today we witnessed APDN shares breakout above $0.07, hit a high of $0.075 and pull-back to a $0.06 support price level.

This poses a great opportunity for current and potential investors to see APDN at a true bargain. In addition to support being expressed at this low level and a huge increase in volume, a continuation will show a very bullish future heading into next week.

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled as APDN picks up momentum! Trading Chart of APDN: [2]CLICK HERE TO SEE TODAY`S ACTION!!! About Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. is a provider of botanical- Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) based security and authentication solutions that can help protect products, brands and intellectual property of companies, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. SigNature DNA and BioMaterial Genotyping, the Companys principal anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions, can be used in a range of industries, including cash-in-transit (transport and storage of banknotes), textiles and apparel, identity cards and other secure documents, pharmaceuticals, wine and luxury consumer goods. Check out [3]www.adnas.com for more information on the Management Team and latest News Releases.

TAKE THIS BULL BY THE HORNS! We strongly encourage you to always do your own research before investing and stay tuned for further updates on APDN along with other companies on our market radar!!! Happy Trading, FHPS Staff “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> _____________________________________________________________________________ “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> “> The disclaimer is to be read and fully understood before using our site, or joining our email list.

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