Weekend Sleuth- A Preview of November’s Market Action

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http://clicks.pennysleuth.com//t/AQ/AAL+8g/AAMIeA/AAK6Gw/Aw/AgKTMA/SpyA Weekend Sleuth: A Preview of November`s Market Action By Jonas Elmerraji October 30, 2010 It`s earnings season and apparently earnings don`t matter anymore At least that`s the message that`s being sent by Wall Street right now.

We`re starting to see share prices of companies tumble following good earnings numbers, a sign that investors are anxious about the economic outlook for the rest of 2010.

It`s not just penny stocks that are being punished either. Just look at Visa (NYSE: V), a large-cap stock that until now had been one of Wall Street`s darlings. The company beat earnings estimates after the market`s close on Wednesday, growing earnings 20% over the last year, and announcing a sizable dividend increase shares slid down more than 4% on Thursday.

The market`s behavior may not make sense, but it is creating some important opportunities for small-cap investors who are looking for value stocks. A handful of tiny companies have seen their shares get sold considerably lower despite reporting good quarterly numbers and you can bet that phenomenon won`t last long.

With the first trading session of November 2010 set to open on Monday, investors` anxieties will likely continue to be a big factor to watch. We`ll need to see some favorable economic fundamentals for stocks to start trading in line with their fundamental performance once again. And with major indexes like the S&P 500 looking technically primed to break out to a slightly higher level, those fundamentals could be just the catalyst to spark the next rally for stocks.

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