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optionsXpress background Market Recap Briefing.com In Play Arbitron and Adelante Media Group sign a multi-year agreement for portable people meter and diary radio rating services in all markets Global, sector, & commodity ETF money flows- European region (EWI, EWP) continues to pace the way nearing the closing bell; CBOE VIX volatility (VXX, VXZ) declines sharply as the SPX posts +2.15% gain Actively Traded Leading Global, Regional, & Domestic Sector ETFs:

iShares Spain- EWP +5.0%, iShares Italy- EWI +4.25%, silver- SLV +4.0%, gold/silver miners- GDX +3.50%, GDXJ +4.0%, XME +3.0%, Turkey- TUR +4.0%, iShares Sweden- EWD +4.0%, wind energy- FAN +4.0%, iShares France- EWQ +4.0%, global timber & forestry- CUT +3.75%, capital mkts- KCE +3.50%, palladium- PALL +3.25%, commercial banks- KBE +3.25%, basic materials- IYM +3.0%, XLB +3.0%, iShares Japan- EWJ +3.25%, Vietnam- VNM +3.25%, oil HLDRS– OIH +3.0%.

Actively Traded Lagging Global, Regional, & Domestic Sector ETFs:

VIX vol index- VXX -5.5%, VXZ -2.50%, cocoa- NIB -1.0%, US Dollar index- UUP -0.75%, US treasuries & fixed income- TLT -0.75%, TLH -0.25%.

Qualcomm is seeing strong interest in using the FLO TV network or spectrum Co issues statement on FLO TV. Co says as previously indicated it has been examining strategic opportunities for FLO TV. Co has been engaging in conversations with a wide range of partners for both the network and the spectrum. Co is seeing strong interest in using the FLO TV network or spectrum to capitalize on the growing imbalance between mobile data supply and demand, the growth of tablets, and consumer demand for high quality video and print content, and a richer user experience. While this process continues, co is suspending direct to consumer sales of new devices. “We anticipate we will maintain the network so that current direct to consumer subscribers will continue to receive FLO programming into Spring 2011. Service provided to handsets purchased through wireless operators is unaffected at this time. In the event of a discontinuance of service, FLO TV will make appropriate refunds, the details of which will be communicated prior to discontinuation. While we are working to redeploy impacted employees, we anticipate that there will be some layoffs.” Great Minds Trade AlikeSM New Trading PatternsSM .

(PATENT PENDING) Look into the collective conscious of our traders and find potential trading opportunities. Only at optionsXpress. Events and conferences of interest for tomorrow Events and conferences of interest for tomorrow, October 6, include:

ELN, SLXP at Jefferies & Co. Biopharma Conference; CPX, PCX, SM at Johnson Rice & Company Energy Conference. Central Bank/Treasury:

Treasury Secretary Geithner at Brookings Institution.

KBW Regional Bank continues to flirt with its mid/late Sep highs at 23.31/23.34 — session high 23.33 BOH, CVBF, FMER, FULT, MBFI, ONB, PACW, SBNY, SIVB, UMPQ.

Nasdaq Comp +53 hovering just under midday high and last week`s multi-month peak at 2399.34/2400.06 P.A.M. Transport announces sale of a brokerage operation; “not have a material effect on net income” Co stated “While this sale will decrease revenue, it will not have a material effect on our net income.” NASDAQ 100 (NDX) strength & weakness- Chinese Internet Conglomerate (BIDU) maintain percentage gainer leadership heading into final hour; Semi name (MRVL) still under pressure NDX 10 Best % Performers:


MRVL, ROST, COST, BMC NASDAQ A/D @ +4:1 (+1635) NASDAQ TRIN @ +0.65More In Play…

Indexes & Quotes DJIA 10,944.72 193.45 S&P 500 1,160.75 23.72 QQQQ 49.66 1.18 NASDAQ 2,399.83 55.31 CBOE VIX 21.76 -1.77 More market data…

OX Put/Call Ratios Long Short 0.48 0.69 View more…

optionsXpress Most Actives Option Change RUT 19.90 SLM 0.15 SPY 2.29 AAPL 10.30 QQQQ 1.18 SPX 23.72 NFLX -0.23 GLD 2.53 F 0.17 VIX -1.77 View more…

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